Adopt a sturgeon and save them from extinction

© Christian Fürthner

Sturgeons are the world’s most endangered group of animals. Two of the six sturgeon species that previously inhabited the Danube River Basin have already become extinct in the area.

Your contribution matters

Adopt one of the broodstock sturgeons and make a lasting impact to save these species from extinction! Your sponsorship goes beyond a symbolic gesture but plays a crucial role in sustaining the conservation initiatives of the LIFE-Boat 4 Stugeon project. Conservation efforts take time as sturgeons need up to twenty years to mature, therefore your contribution ensures a continued success of the conservation program. The adoption of one of the sturgeons guarantees long-term provision and safekeeping of the “Danube Dinos”.

By adopting a sturgeon, you not only contribute to the urgently needed conservation efforts but

  • also have the opportunity to name your sturgeon,
  • you’ll receive a personalized certificate and
  • a sturgeon plushie, recognizing your support plus
  • a yearly invitation to an event for all godparents.


A sponsorship can last 5 or 10 years. You can choose between a beluga sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, stellate sturgeon and sterlet. Please click here for more details.

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